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This is a place where you can learn more about me.

I am a Freelance Senior Copywriter that has also done the Creative Director stuff. I've worked the past ten years at Wieden and Kennedy in Portland on these accounts: Old Spice, KFC, TurboTax, Samsung, Fisher Price, Travel Portland, Facebook, Joy + Glee, Supercell, Trident, and AirBnB. Some people might say I am a professional advertising person.  
But that's all the business, what about the fun? I like eating tacos, burritos, nachos, pizza, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, regular sandwiches, and other foods. I have a fantastic wife and three kids that I steal all of my ideas from and as my kids get older my ideas get more mature because they are more mature and that's my kid's fault not mine. If you want to know more, you can become my friend or something and hang out with me sometime... maybe we can even eat regular sandwiches together.
The following photo is of me. 


Cannes Lions: Gold x3/ Silver x4/ Bronze x3

One Show Pencils: Gold x 8/ Silver x5/ Bronze x1

Webby Awards: Webby x1/ People's Choice x4

Clio's: Gold x2/ Bronze x2

Andy's: Gold x1/ Silver x1/ Bronze x1

Young Guns: Gold x1/ Silver x1

FWA: Site of the Month x1/ Site of the Day x2

Art Directors Club: Bronze x1/ Best of Craft x1

AICP: Award x2/ Shortlist x2

D&AD: In the Book x5

Effie: Silver x1

If you would like to email me, here is my email:

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